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You are a current or previous customer at GPB College and have recommended us to your acquaintance? Below you can find out what bonus you can obtain if a new contract is established!

Our gifts to you

One of these gifts is waiting for you, if you have recommended us on the basis of the conditions of participation listed below:

Detailed conditions of participation

You will receive the premium if your recommendation results in new customers enrolling for an eligible offer at GPB mbH or  GPB College gGmbH.

In this case, an eligible offer is a retraining or initial training measure provided by GPB mbH or GPB College gGmbH.

You are an active or former customer of GPB mbH or GPB College gGmbH. Private individuals, employees and their relatives are excluded from this action.

Application for a reward for acquiring new customers must be received  by us before the new customer has made the contract. After three months during which the new customer has held an active contract with GPB mbH or GPB College gGmbH, the person who recommended the applicant will receive the reward.

A reward is granted for each new customer. You can recommend up to 5 people per year and therefore receive up to 5  rewards for recommendations. The customer referred by you must not have had a contract with GPB mbH or GPB College gGmbH in the last 12 months.

The recommender only receives a bonus if the person whom they have referred has agreed to the recommendation. Upon request, the recommender may have to prove to GPB mbH or GPB College gGmbH that they have the consent of the person referred. If a person is referred by more than one person the order of receipt of referrals is decisive.

The entitlement to the gift exists from such time as the recommendation by post or e-mail is received by the contact person for GPB mbH or GPB College gGmbH; Frau Katja Rommel (k.rommel@gpb.de).

The gift will be delivered to the address given by you (your own postal address or may be collected from the Institute in  Mitte, Beuthstraße 8, 10117 Berlin or the Neukölln Institute, Juliusstrasse 2, 12051 Berlin). Shipping abroad is not possible. Prerequisites for the Recommender Program as well as the type and amount of premium, the GPB mbH or GPB College gGmbH may be altered or added to at any time without prior notice. The valid information  is the premium announcement in its most current form.

GPB mbH and GPB College gGmbH will retain reserves the right, in the event of suspicion of tampering or other misuse by the participant to exclude participants from the action
or to end the action in whole or in part, if the conditions of participation are violated or if this is necessary for other technical or legal reasons. In this event, gifts which have already been awarded are to be returned.

By participating you accept the conditions in their respective versions.

Legal recourse is excluded.

For recommendations or questions please contact Katja Rommel.