Summer Sports Camp 2019

In bright summer weather the "new" ones enjoyed unforgettable days.

After just a few days at GPB College, the new foreign language classes took the bus to Ahlbeck. The program included et al internal class and team-building activities, beach walks, bicycle tours and fun evenings around the campfire. The time spent together helped the students to get to know each other better as well as to strengthen their sense of community.

One week later, the other new classes finally went on a trip to get to know each other - the goal was the Werbellinsee. In bright summer weather the pupils had the opportunity to prove themselves in all kinds of sporting activities. With enthusiasm and a lot of fun the days passed much too fast for our new ones.

These traditional trips to get to know each other were again a wonderful basis for the forthcoming cooperation between the students and teachers.

We have captured further insights of the trips in our picture gallery.