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Course description

As a European correspondent, you act as a liaison between business partners and customers and are the company's trump card.

This course of study is characterized by close integration of commercial and linguistic knowledge with practice. The modern, demanding and practice-oriented training to become a European correspondent is geared to the needs of international business and concludes with qualifications that enable immediate entry into professional life.

Language competence (approx. 70%):

  • 1st foreign language: English
    grammar, translation, correspondence, interpreting and cultural & regional studies
  • 2nd foreign language: French or Spanish as an elective subject
  • 3rd foreign language: French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese or Korean as elective subject

Business Administration (approx. 30%):

  • Politics
  • Economics

Why GPB College?

During your two-year studies at GPB College, our teachers will prepare you precisely for the requirements of the state examination. Individual exam preparation is also an important part of this.

Application documents

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • Certificates (e.g. diploma as foreign language correspondent, high school diploma, etc.)
  • Proof of language skills


Successful training as a foreign language correspondent (bilingual or trilingual),

Successfully completed training in a commercial profession as well as good to very good knowledge of English and French or Spanish and one year of relevant professional activity or

University degree with a sound knowledge of languages

1st foreign language (English): B2

2nd foreign language (French or Spanish): B1

3rd foreign language (French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese or Korean): A1/A2

Funding opportunities

Costs: 100 EUR per month

We will advise you on the financial support options at our information events.

Teaching Hours

3 evenings a week plus 2 Saturdays a month


State certified Europe Correspondent