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Course description

As a foreign language correspondent, you will act as a link between companies, institutions or authorities with foreign contacts operating nationwide and internationally. In this training you will learn a total of three foreign languages, whereby you will not only be trained in language acquisition, but also acquire the respective cultural and country knowledge through our native-speaking teachers. At the end of the training you will not only have the necessary language skills, but also business and information technology know-how.

Language competence (approx. 65%):

  • 1st foreign language: English
    grammar, translation, correspondence, interpreting, cultural and regional studies
  • 2nd foreign language: French or Spanish
  • 3rd foreign language: French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese or Korean

Competence in business administration (approx. 35%):

  • Economics
  • Writing practice
  • Office Management
  • Information Technology

Additional qualifications (optional):

The PLUS of the training includes additional foreign language certificates which you can acquire within the training period.

Why GPB College?

During your one-year training at GPB College, our teachers will prepare you precisely for the requirements of the state examination. Individual exam preparation is also an important part of this.


Degree as foreign language correspondent (trilingual)

Funding opportunities

Costs: 195 EUR per month (various financing models)

Support via BAföG possible. In the 2nd year of training, an educational loan from the KfW can be applied for. Further information is available at our information events.


State certified Europe Correspondent