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Commercial Assistant with foreign languages

Whether it is in a law firm, an international company or in the diplomatic service, as a Commercial Assistant with foreign languages you would work in the interface between languages, countries and cultures. The job combines commercial tasks with translation and correspondence activities. You would perform organisational and administrative tasks, work on documents and be deployed in situations to mediate between languages. International correspondence and telephone conferences would be impossible without you. In addition to English and French, you can choose Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Spanish at the GPB College.

Next start date

On 05.08.2019 you will start your traineeship as a Commercial Assistant with foreign languages at GPB College.

You can easily obtain information in advance from our consultants. You can reach us by telephone or via our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

What are the tasks?

Commercial Assistants with foreign languages are active in all areas of business. Their focus is processing national and international correspondence, managing appointments, organising travel and events, and looking after customers and guests. They also take on simple translation tasks.

Training programme

Requirement for the training as Commercial Assistant for Foreign Languages is a secondary school leaving certificate (MSA) and English at level B1.

The two-year traineeship at GPB College will give you the knowledge you need for the job in economics, accounting, secretarial studies, word processing, professional communication and foreign languages. In English the focus is on professional communication, translation and interpreting activities. You will learn French and the other language you choose - Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Spanish -  from scratch.

In the second year of your traineeship you will put your theoretical knowledge into practice by doing a three-month internship, during which you will secure and deepen the knowledge you have acquired. The internship can be done here in Germany or abroad. At the end are the state-certified exams in the subjects English, French, Economics and Secretarial Studies.

Does this job suit you?

You have an instinct for languages and a talent for organising. Switching between languages is an exciting challenge for you. An eye for detail also comes naturally to you. You find it exciting to familiarise yourself with new topics and areas of work and you enjoy the personal contact with colleagues, customers and business partners. Even if it is sometimes stressful, you keep calm and are sure of your skills. You will develop these skills during your traineeship with a particular focus on economics, accounting, secretarial studies, word processing, professional communication and, of course, your languages.

You will already have very good German skills as well as an above average level of English. A Secondary School Certificate is the minimum requirement for this traineeship.

Career prospects

As a Commercial Assistant the door is open to you for a job in any kind of company. Due to your specialisation in foreign languages you are particularly attractive for companies that operate internationally, whether it be medium-sized companies with a specialised product range or large multinational groups. You will be at home in the diverse areas of company administration, such as human resources, accounting, marketing or bookkeeping. Your skills will also be needed in international organisations and government ministries. Your traineeship will qualify you for deployment at home as well as abroad. 

Next steps

We would like to get to know you. Just register for one of our information events or arrange a personal consultation. Here we will present to you the job description of the profession Commercial Assistant with foreign languages or suitable alternatives and explain the course of the training at GPB College. Furthermore, we will discuss with you the possibilities for the financial support of your education.

You are welcome to send us your application documents in advance, consisting of a short cover letter, a curriculum vitae in tabular form and your most recent certificate, you can simply bring these to your consultation or inform yourself initially with no commitment.

Once all the conditions have been met, you can start with us as soon as possible. Any questions? Here are the answers!