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Foreign Languages Correspondent

As a Foreign Languages Correspondent, you undertake responsible tasks in your department. You organize the work processes in the office and are responsible for communication with employees and business partners in an international environment. You support supervisors in preparing speeches and presentations. In addition, you prepare conferences, meetings and trade fairs. The scheduling and the processing of concrete tasks in different projects are also part of your profile.

You accomplish these challenging tasks through your acquired expertise and key qualifications. In addition to English, you can choose between Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean and Spanish at GPB College.

Next start date

On 10.02.2020 you will start your traineeship as a Foreign Languages Correspondent at GPB College.

You can easily obtain information in advance from our consultants. You can reach us by telephone or via our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Areas of responsibility

You are the trump card of the company since you represent the intersection to companies operating across Germany and internationally. You take care of customers by telephone, take on foreign languages correspondence via email and letter. Arrange appointments and trips, deal with contractual matters and general administrative and secretarial duties in the areas of human resources and customer care. Event management, handling of national and international correspondence, heading up of secretarial tasks, taking care of customers and presentations are part of the duties as well.

Training programme

The requirement for the training as a Foreign Language Correspondent is the

  • Higher education entrance qualification (FOS) + B1 English, or
  • Secondary school leaving certificate (MSA) + Commercial assistant for foreign languages + B1 English

The training as a Foreign Language Correspondent at GPB College lasts for two years. You will acquire the necessary knowledge for your profession in economics, accounting, marketing, secretarial practice, word processing, professional communication and foreign languages. English is a mandatory language for these, and you can choose two other languages ​​yourself. These start with language acquisition, later focusing on professional communication and translation activities. In English, the focus is on the requirements of everyday professional life: professional communication, translation, and  interpreting negotiations.

Practical experience complements the theory: At the end of the first year of your training, you complete a four-week internship in which you consolidate and deepen the knowledge which you have acquired. The internship can take place either here in Germany, or abroad.

At the end of the course there are the state examinations in the basic subjects as well as in your foreign languages.

Does this job suit you?

You should bring these skills with you for training as a Foreign Language Correspondent.:

  • You are enthusiastic about languages and organization is not an alien concept for you
  • You are interested in politics and business and are able to adjust quickly to working on new areas of responsibility and topics
  • You have an eye for detail and are open-minded and communicative
  • You are excited by contact with other people in an international professional environment and even in stressful situations, you keep track of everything that's going on
  • You have an excellent command of spoken and written German
  • In addition, you have a very good knowledge of English

Career prospects

As a foreign language correspondent, you take on responsible tasks in companies, authorities, government ministries or international organizations. Whether at a start-up in Berlin, a law firm in Munich, a car manufacturer in Stuttgart or the EU in Brussels - your knowledge and ability in accounting, office management and economics, combined with your extensive foreign language skills, make you a valuable contact for your colleagues. Whether you work here in Germany or want to make a career internationally, that's up to you - your education qualifies you to do either.

Next steps

We would like to get to know you. Just register for one of our information events or arrange a personal consultation. Here we will present to you the job description of the profession Foreign Language Correspondent or suitable alternatives and explain the course of the training at GPB College. Furthermore, we will discuss with you the possibilities for the financial support of your education.

You are welcome to send us your application documents in advance, consisting of a short cover letter, a curriculum vitae in tabular form and your most recent certificate, you can simply bring these to your consultation or inform yourself initially with no commitment.

Once all the conditions have been met, you can start with us as soon as possible. Any questions? Here are the answers!