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Learn a technical profession

The most important question to begin with: Are you a technical person who enjoys researching and tinkering with systems, a creative mind or more of a fan of the latest technologies and commercially minded? Either way, we have the right apprenticeship for every taste.

Find out which profession suits you best.

Six reasons for a technical apprenticeship

1. Professional stability

The rapid development of technologies and advancing automation mean that automation technology assistants or electrical engineering assistants, for example, will always be in demand as skilled workers.

2. Opportunities for innovation

Working on innovative projects and developing new technologies or marketing them with technical expertise and commercial skills, as IT systems management assistants do, offers you countless exciting opportunities to always be at the cutting edge.

3. International opportunities

Technical skills, such as those of mechatronic assistants, speak an international language and are recognized everywhere, giving you the opportunity to work in different countries or participate in international projects.

4. Personal development

Not only media technology assistants have the opportunity for lifelong personal and professional development. Technologies are constantly evolving, which means there are always new things to learn.

5. Contribution to society

Technical specializations, such as in renewable energy technology, allow you to make a direct contribution to society, be it through the development of sustainable energy sources or the design of innovative solutions to social challenges.

6. Attractive salaries

Last but not least, the salary is of course also a relevant factor that makes technical professions your best option.

Advantages and prospects

No MSA yet? If you complete your training as an IT systems management assistant with a grade point average of better than 3.0, you can have your intermediate school leaving certificate recognised.

No vocational diploma (Fachabitur) yet? With the vocational qualifications for technical assistants in all the above-mentioned fields, you can also obtain your technical college entrance qualification.

Of course, you have further exciting opportunities for specialisation and advancement in the world of technology after completing your training. With a variety of further training courses or degree programmes (dual or at a university of applied sciences), you can constantly expand your skills and thus maximise both your earning potential and your professional profile.

Course dates

Almost done... just quickly change the language: The instruction language of these courses is German, therefore you will find all start dates and course contents only in the German version of the website

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Why GPB College?

As part of our technical vocational trainings at GPB College Berlin, we offer trainees the opportunity to obtain various IT certificates. These certificates definitely add value to the training and give you a competitive advantage when choosing a career later on.

job coach supports you on your way into professional life, during the search for an internship and during the internship. For preparation, you use the so-called career assistant - a virtual assistant in the Moodle learning platform.

The lessons take place in small groups and give us more scope for individual support. If there is also a need for subject-related support, part of the holidays can be used for free additional offers (tutoring, application training, language courses, and much more).

Our school should also be a place for fun and encounters, which is why extracurricular activities such as sports festivals, class trips, visits to fairs and events are an obligatory part of our school life.