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  • An MSA or a specialized baccalaureate

    A good school-leaving certificate will take you further! That is simply how it is.

Catch up on your school-leaving certificate

A normal MSA is a thing of the past!

As a state-approved vocational school, we at GPB College offer you the opportunity to obtain your secondary school leaving certificate (MSA) within the framework of the training course: Integrated Vocational Training Preparation (IBA).

What is so special about the IBA? In addition to preparing for your MSA, you will learn essential business basics that are a good basis for all vocational training programmes. This puts you in a better position to apply for a job than when you do with a simple MSA.

By the way, we are also a Fachoberschule (FOS – higher secondary vocational school), which means you can get your Fachhochschulreife (advanced technical certificate) in just one year and then study at any Fachhochschule (college or university of applied sciences) in Germany. Or you can combine your vocational diploma with an apprenticeship, which offers you a lot of advantages.

Either way...graduate from high school and lay the foundation for your career.

Course dates

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