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French - The language of our neighbours

The French language also enjoys a great international reputation and is one of the world's most important languages. More than 350 million people speak French all over the world. Therefore, it is impossible to imagine the field of diplomacy and international organisations without it.

Furthermore, the job market is becoming more and more international as a result of globalisation and in order to compete and survive in it, it makes sense to have a command of other important languages like French in addition to English.

France is also one of Germany's most important trading partners, both for exports and imports and French is often expected as a working language in embassies as well as in the Foreign Office.

The French language also gives you access to culture. France has a unique cultural heritage, which includes French literature, art, music and philosophy, and for this reason, it is fascinating more and more lovers of France.

You can learn French with us in various foreign language courses as an optional or compulsory subject.

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