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Chinese - The world language with the most native speakers

The Chinese language has by far the most native speakers in the world and is spoken by over a billion people. With China’s rise to the position of an economic world power, the official version of Chinese is increasingly becoming a second world language. That is why more and more people are learning Chinese.

China is already the second biggest economy and is Germany’s biggest trading partner. This has led to a significant amount of cooperation in the last few years on an economic, a political and a cultural level. This development offers very good career opportunities for people with a knowledge of Chinese, because there are still not enough well-trained workers who can speak Chinese.

The Chinese characters are the oldest writing system still in use in the world today. At the same time, the Chinese language is rooted in the Chinese culture. Anyone who learns Chinese will therefore also gain a better understanding of this exciting and interesting culture.

You can learn Chinese at our school as an optional subject in various foreign language-based traineeships.

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