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Chinese - just think a little bigger

The Chinese language has the most native speakers in the world (as of 2023 - it can be assumed that "Hindi" will take over this throne in the foreseeable future) and is spoken by over one billion people. With China's rise as a major economic power, the official language Mandarin is increasingly becoming a second global language. Therefore, more and more people are leaning the Chinese language.

China is already the second largest economy and Germany's biggest trading partner. As a result, numerous cooperations in economic, political and cultural areas have been established in recent years. This development offers people with Chinese language skills very good career opportunities today, because there are still too few well-trained Chinese-speaking professionals.

The Chinese characters are the oldest writing system still in use in the world today and allow you to gain an insight into Chinese culture, which is thousands of years old. In this way, you will gain a better understanding of this interesting cultural space.

You can learn Chinese with us as an optional subject in various foreign language courses.

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