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Korean - A simple language with a big impact

More than 80 million people speak Korean in South and North Korea, China, Japan and the USA. In the past 20 years, South Korea has developed into an important pillar in the global economic and political structure. South Korea is one of the most important economic nations in the world. Korean companies such as Samsung and Hyundai are now among the market leaders in their fields.

Moreover, the language is one of the 13 major languages and is one of the most systematic and scientific languages. For these reasons, interest in Korea and the language continues to grow. The Korean alphabet Hangul consists of vowels and consonants.

Pop culture or the Korean wave (Hallyu) has already arrived in Germany. More and more young people are becoming enthusiastic about Korean culture, whether in the form of manhwa, music, cosmetics or Korean cuisine.

Nowadays, Asian languages can increase professional prospects, especially in Europe, because companies are very interested in expanding their portfolio into the Asian economic area.

You can learn Korean with us as an optional subject in various foreign language training programmes.

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