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    Become a business specialist for the national and international markets.

Administration Assistant in Wholesale and Foreign Trade Management (IHK)

Specialising in foreign trade

How about going a bit bigger and doing business on international trade markets? Connect with partners all over the world, import and export goods and manage complex processes from logistics to payment transactions and customs formalities.

Course dates

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Entry requirements

  • Erweiterte Berufsbildungsreife (eBBR) for the vocational qualification

  • Intermediate school-leaving certificate (MSA) for the professional qualification incl. A-levels (double qualification)

  • German is not your mother tongue? Language level German B1

Global, digital, solution-oriented

What do wholesale and foreign trade administration assistants do?

They are responsible for purchasing goods and merchandise at home and abroad and then reselling them to retailers, craft businesses, industry and the service sector. This means that the digitalisation of business processes (e-business) is already an integral part of the completely modernised training programme.

With the specialisation in foreign trade focusing on modern communication in foreign trade and the constant further development of digital sales processes (keyword: platform economy), the profession is extremely versatile and in this way more future-oriented than ever.

Your advantages at GPB College

Advantage 1: A-levels

The GPB College offers this programme as a so-called double-qualifying course of study. This means that you can also acquire the advanced technical college entrance qualification (Fachhochschulreife) at the same time as the course.

If you choose this path, you will receive additional tuition and take the state Abitur examination at the end of the programme. This not only increases your job opportunities - it also opens the door to further studies.

Advantage 2: Foreign languages

The fact is: with advanced language and cultural skills, you are always one step ahead of others.

Foreign languages are our speciality and our school enjoys a high reputation in this field. Take advantage of this, because during your training in foreign trade management you will also learn a second foreign language of your choice in addition to English. You can choose from:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  •  Korean
  •  Chinese

How does the programme work?

Wholesale and foreign trade management is a training occupation of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and lasts 3 years. With the specialisation in foreign trade, our focus is on teaching international professional skills for foreign trade transactions.

At the beginning of the training period, you will first learn about the job description and receive tuition on basic commercial and administrative skills. In the inter-occupational and occupation-specific courses, all other skills, abilities and knowledge are taught.

With extensive theoretical knowledge, you then start the 6-month practical phase, in which you can apply what you have learned in practice and make your first important contacts in the industry.

The extended IHK final examinations take place after 18 months with the first part of the examination and at the end of the training period with the second part of the examination. You will be closely supervised and prepared by your teachers for these exams.

Does this job suit you?

Ideally, you have the following qualities and skills:

  • The ability to communicate and interact well with people
  • Planning and organisational skills
  • An interest in economic issues and business studies
  • Confident handling of data and figures
  • Impeccable German and solid English skills
  • Persuasive speaking and negotiation skills

Don't panic if you don't see yourself in all the points. Just apply anyway and together we'll find out whether or not the job suits you.

Where do foreign trade management assistants find their work?

Wholesale trade assistants find jobs in companies in almost all sectors of the economy.

Some of the related sectors are:

  • Textile and furniture industry
  • Electrical and metal industry
  • Food production
  • Pharmaceutical companies and the chemicals industry
  • Vehicle and machine construction
  • Supply and disposal industry

What career opportunities do you have?

You have many perspectives when you graduate successfully because not only are you a sought-after specialist on the labour market, but you can also advance both professionally and personally with various further training or courses of study.

There are many opportunities for advancement in this profession. Examples include:

  • Business administrator
  • Retail business administrator
  • Business administrator - logistics
  • Business administrator - sales/marketing
  • Business Administrator - E-commerce
  • Business Administrator – logistics systems
  • Specialist - sales
  • Studies in Retail Business Administration

Next steps

We would like to get to know you and would be happy if you simply registered for one of our information events.

We will introduce you to your desired profession or suitable alternatives and explain the training process at GPB College during these events. We will also discuss the possibilities of financial support for your studies.

You are welcome to send us your application documents in advance, consisting of a short cover letter, curriculum vitae in table form and your most recent school report.

Once all the basic conditions have been met, you can start at the earliest possible date. Any questions? Click here for the answers!

And when does it start?

Almost done... just quickly change the language: The instruction language of this course is German, therefore you will find all start dates and course contents only in the German version of the website

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