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  • Passing on knowledge in words

    Yes - oui - sí - はい - 예 - 是的 - Say "yes" to your new career.

  • Much more than just learning vocabulary

    Immerse yourself in other cultures and let yourself be enchanted.

Learning languages at GPB College

Apart from non-verbal signals, language is the most important means of human communication. Spoken language connects us with other people. Furthermore, language transports values, traditions, as well as concepts and thus constantly influences thinking.

It is not only the classic foreign languages such as English, French and Spanish that have been in fashion for years, but also increasingly national languages of economic giants such as China and Japan. Therefore, modern foreign languages like Korean, Japanese and Chinese are enjoying ever greater popularity nowadays and can be studied and consolidated at GPB College.

In a globalised world genuine understanding for other countries and intercultural competencies are valuable characteristics acquired when learning a foreign language and increases your opportunities on the job market.