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    A dream job for universally adaptable creative minds.

Media Technology Assistant

including university entrance qualification

If you want to be a little more versatile, then learn a profession that offers you a wide range of creative and technical activities. As a cross-media professional, you will transform customer requirements into impressive design and media projects.

Course dates

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Entry requirements

  • Secondary school leaving certificate (MSA)
  • German is not your mother tongue? Language level German B1

From audio signal to target group analysis

Creating a website, laying out image and print material, producing audio in the recording studio, programming game applications, producing video spots or entire film projects - these are the tasks that media technology assistants deal with.

During your studies, you will learn how to get from a customer order and a good idea to the planning and conception, implementation, presentation and marketing of your media product.

Your advantages at GPB College

Advantage 1: Technical baccalaureate

At GPB College, we offer this course as a dual-qualification programme. This means that as part of your training, you will also acquire the vocational baccalaureate (entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences).

The general education classes run parallel to the vocational subjects and at the end of the course you take the state vocational baccalaureate examination. This not only increases your job prospects - it also opens the door to further studies.

Advantage 2: Technical equipment

  • Over 2,500 square meters of space
  • 120 computer workstations
  • Own laboratories and workshops
  • High-quality equipment
  • Own recording studio
  • Green Room and much more

How does the programme work?

The school-based course in media technology with a focus on the design and implementation of games is a three-year course and includes preparation for the university entrance qualification. At the beginning of the 3rd year of study, you will complete a 7-week internship in a company of your choice, where you can apply your acquired knowledge in practice and gain initial experience.

You also have the opportunity to attend further internships or themed projects to further optimise your starting position for your professional career. With the state final examinations in the training specialisations and general subjects, you will obtain the recognised vocational qualification and the entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences.

Is the profession right for you?

Ideally, you have the following skills in media technology:

  • An interest in creative design processes
  • Technical understanding
  • Good communication skills and team spirit

Don't panic if you don't see yourself in all the points. Just apply anyway and together we will find out whether the job suits you or not.


With this qualification you can work in all areas with a media presence:

  • at film, television and radio companies
  • in the communications and events sector
  • at marketing agencies and publishing houses
  • in production companies
  • at software and database providers
  • or in the social media sector

With the additional acquisition of the advanced technical college entrance qualification, you will be fit for further studies at a (technical) university and in this way lay the foundation for your successful professional career.

Next steps

We would like to get to know you and would be happy if you simply registered for one of our information events.

Here we will introduce you to your desired profession or suitable alternatives and explain the training process at GPB College. We will also discuss the possibilities of financial support for your studies.

You are welcome to send us your application documents in advance, consisting of a short cover letter, a curriculum vitae in table form and your most recent school report.

Once all the basic conditions have been clarified, you can start at the earliest possible date. Any questions? Click here for the answers!

And when does it start?

Almost done... just quickly change the language: The instruction language of this course is German, therefore you will find all start dates and course contents only in the German version of the website

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