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Japanese - The language of the Far East

Japanese is the mother tongue of over 120 million people. Many Japanese companies are among the market leaders in their sectors. Japan is the fourth-biggest economy. In addition, the economic importance of Asia is constantly increasing and, as a result, so is the interest in Japan.

Companies that have business contacts with Japan are placing more and more importance on the ability of their workers to speak Japanese and, in addition to good language skills, a solid understanding of the Japanese culture, mentality and history are expected. At the GPB College more than just the language is taught - the culture is experienced as well.

The language can also prove very useful outside of Japan, because Japanese popular culture is consumed everywhere and is exported worldwide.

Switching between different character systems, combining melodious sounds, using different levels of politeness – these are all ways of expression that other languages do not offer in the same way and are also some of the reasons why this language is so popular.

You can learn Japanese at our school as an optional subject in various foreign language-based traineeships.

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