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Obtaining the German university entrance qualification, Fachhochschulreife (FHR)

Would you like to get your dream job? To learn a profession that is fun and well-paid?

With the German university entrance qualification, Fachhochschulreife, you will get yourself ready for studying and for a profession. In just one year you can obtain the qualification by joining the senior technical college - the Fachoberschule (FOS). This builds on the school certificate MSA and is the basic requirement for studying at a University of Applied Science (Fachhochschule).

But also on the job market the qualification Fachabitur with a focus on business and administration will help you. Especially in sought-after professions with a high level of specialised knowledge, you will have better chances of getting a place on a traineeship.

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What advantage do I get from the German university entrance qualification, Fachhochschulreife?

To get your dream job these days, you need a school qualification with value. Many jobs require such specific knowledge that a university degree is unavoidable.

In just one year at our school you can get a fair way closer to your dream job. By successfully passing this qualification you can start a course in business studies at a Fachhochschule - a University of Applied Science.

Alternatively, anyone who decides not to study, but rather to look for a business-related job will have an advantage on the job market with the Fachabitur. Your chances of a good career are a lot better with a professional qualification and the Fachhochschulreife.

Who is allowed to do the Fachhochschulreife (FOS) and what do they learn?

The FOS can be done by anyone who has the school leaving qualification MSA (which you can also do at our school, by the way). Because it is a specialised training, you will also need a completed traineeship or five years relevant work experience.

The course content is based on the respective specialisation. If you choose the focus of business and administration, there will be two areas to the course: school subjects and specialised theory subjects like business administration.

The school subjects include:

  • German
  • Maths
  • English
  • Physics
  • Political science and history
  • Sport

The specialised subjects include knowledge that will prepare you for studying business administration or economics at a technical university (Fachstudium):

  • Business administration
  • IT
  • Law

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