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English - A language which connects people

English is the world and business language par excellence. English is used as the official language in 59 countries although it is not the mother tongue in all of them. This is true in international politics, science and business. One thing is clear:  you will not get far in most occupations without an adequate knowledge of English.

The English language is used for communication between people of different mother tongues and has therefore assumed the function of a common language (relay language).  For this reason, English is also frequently used in culture, science and business. For example, over 80% of all electronically stored information worldwide is in English.

Especially in international business transactions, the English language creates a basis for communication in which employees and business partners can communicate easily and quickly. English is indispensable in the working world of today and is used by many employers.

This is why English is a compulsory subject in all training courses at GPB College.

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