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English - A language which connects people

English is simply a global leading language in many fields and industries.Although the number of countries with English as their native language is relatively low, it is used as an official language in 59 countries.  One thing is clear: without sufficient knowledge of English, you won't get very far in most professions. No matter whether it‘s in international politics, in science or in business.

The English language is used for communication between people of different nationalities and first languages therefore takes on the function of an intermediary language (relay language). For this reason, the language is also used most frequently in media, culture, science and business. Did you know that over 80% of all electronically stored information worldwide is in English?

Additionally, English is used as a basis of communication so that employees and business partners can communicate effectively and quickly especially in international business dealings.

In a nutshell: English is indispensable in professional life and is now required by many employers and is a compulsory subject at GPB College in all training courses.

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