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Extra-curricular activities

Learning alone is boring? A number of extra-curricular activities makes training at GPB College especially attractive. 

1. Sport

Every year two large sport events are held. In summer, there is a class trip to the Baltic Sea or within the Berlin region. This is not only about fitness or going for a swim, but you are able to get to know each other and at the same time explore and learn various water sports. In winter, we go skiing in the Alps. Regardless if cross-country or alpine skiing, there is something for everyone. 

During teaching terms there are also sport highlights: a sports festival at the beginning of the school year. This event allows you to gain the German sports certificate. In addition, there is a joint sports day at a lake with beach volleyball, high ropes climbing and much more. During winter there is an indoor beach sports day and at the end of the year the traditional Christmas bowling event.

2. Culture and career

Every year the German lessons are supported by attending theatre plays. School key areas are determining at these visits. Often this is accompanied by city visits outside of Berlin or a theatre workshop.

Also, the visit of and participation in various edicational and language expos are part of this program: for example "You", "Expolingua", "Japanfestival" and "Maker Faire".

3. Class trips

Naturally, all classes may go on joint excursions supported financially by GPB College. This includes visits to museums and company tours. But also end-of-training class trips or educational trips domestically or abroad enjoy a solid tradition.