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Extra-curricular activities

Studying on its own is boring, isn't it? A variety of extracurricular activities makes student life at GPB College particularly attractive.

1. Sports

Two major sporting events are offered each year. In the summer, there is a school trip to the Baltic Sea or to a lake near or around Berlin. This is not only for fitness training or swimming, you can also get to know the others students and try out or learn different water sports at the same time. In winter, we go skiing. Cross-country or downhill: there's something for everyone.

There are also sporting highlights during the school year: A sports festival at the beginning of the school year and this is where you can earn your sports badge. There is also a joint sports day at a lake with beach volleyball, high ropes climbing and much more. In winter, there is an indoor beach event and at the end of the year, the traditional Christmas bowling outing.

2. Culture and careers

German lessons are supported through visits to the theatre. The focus here is on the school's core subjects. A small social programme such as a city tour (outside Berlin) or a theatre workshop in the theatre is often part of the programme.

Visits to and participation in various educational or language fairs are also part of the programme: for example, "Expolingua" or "Maker Faire".

3. Class trips

It goes without saying that all classes can go on joint excursions, which are sponsored by the GPB College. These include trips to museums and company visits. However, school-leaving and educational graduation trips to Germany or abroad are also becoming a good tradition.