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European correspondent

When others get out their mobile phones and start using "Google Translator", do you find it funny? Then step up a level and start working on your international career. Combine the professional application of your foreign language skills with administrative and business competences and acquire a Bachelor Professional with this advanced qualification.

Course dates

Almost done... just quickly change the language: The instruction language of this course is German, therefore you will find all start dates and course contents only in the German version of the website.

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Admission requirements

  • Training or degree:
    Training as a bilingual or trilingual foreign language correspondent
    Or, a university degree or certificate with a foreign language focus.

  • Knowledge of foreign languages:
    1st foreign language (compulsory): English B2 level
    2nd foreign language (compulsory): French / Spanish B1 level
    3rd foreign language (optional): French / Spanish A1/A2 or Asian foreign languages A2/B1 level.

  • German is not your mother tongue? Language level German B2

Your responsibilities as a European correspondent

As a European correspondent, you are the contact person between different language groups, cultures, business partners and customers, making you your company's strongest asset.

You handle correspondence and translations in several foreign languages and conduct contract negotiations until the contracts are signed. You are also responsible for all strategic and administrative activities and maintain international business contacts. You arrange appointments, organise conferences and business trips and you prepare presentations. You also look after foreign guests and trade partners.

Although your activities are demanding, you demonstrate sensibility in dealing with the respective cultures and ways of life. Your foreign language skills are complemented by administrative and organisational skills and make you an excellent all-rounder in everyday office life.

Training course procedure

You will acquire in-depth language skills, business competences as well as a sound general knowledge in the field of regional studies for the respective foreign languages in this advanced training programme. English is a compulsory subject. In addition, you can choose either French or Spanish as a 2nd compulsory language and also have the choice between French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese or Korean as an optional 3rd foreign language.

Classes are taught part-time (24 months) as an online course on 3-4 evenings per week or full-time on weekdays (12 months).

Being able take the online lessons from home, the office or on the road gives you the flexibility to integrate the course into your everyday life. All you need is a digital device and a stable internet connection.

The additional extra-curricular events that require your attendance take place at our institute on two weekends per semester.  These serve to deepen the contents of the lessons, involve practical group exercises in interpretation tasks, allows for the personal clarification of open questions and the writing of the exams.

The advanced, demanding and practice-oriented course to become a European Correspondent is designed to meet the needs of international business and offers you numerous opportunities to improve your career prospects in the language and business sectors.

Career opportunities

After completing your studies, you can find work in middle to senior management in the following sectors:

  • Ministries and EU authorities (e.g. Federal Foreign Office),
  • Public administration (senior civil service),
  • Industrial, commercial or service companies,
  • Activities in international companies (e.g. import and export)
  • Tourism (e.g. airlines, travel agencies, hotels)

Next steps

We would like to get to know you and would be happy if you simply registered for one of our information events.

Here we will introduce you to your desired profession or suitable alternatives and explain the training process at GPB College. We will also discuss the possibilities of financial support for your training.

You are welcome to send us your application in advance, consisting of a short cover letter, a curriculum vitae in table form and your most recent school report.

Once all the basic conditions have been clarified, you can start at the earliest possible date. Any questions? Click here for the answers!

And when does it start?

Almost done... just quickly change the language: The instruction language of this course is German, therefore you will find all start dates and course contents only in the German version of the website.

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