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    Electronics and data technology offers the best prospects.

Electronics and data technology assistant

Do you sometimes work on your computer or mobile phone yourself to fix things or find out how things work? Then this line of work is definitely an interesting option for you.

State-certified electro-technical assistants are all-round technicians in the IT sector who deal with various systems and processes in data and information and communication technologies.

Oh yes: With this course, you also acquire the entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences (Fachhochschulreife), and if you are interested, you can go straight to university.

Course dates

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Entry requirements

  • Secondary school leaving certificate (MSA)
  • German is not your mother tongue? Language level German B1

Plan, install, configure

As an electro-technical assistant, you will plan, install, configure and maintain information technology and telecommunication systems and provide both pre-consultation and technical support to customers at various technical levels. You also have the opportunity to get to know the latest tools and systems as part of advancing digitalisation and in direct cooperation with engineers and developers.

Training schedule

The three-year training  programme at the GPB College takes place in a modular system, which means that on these four days a week you will work on one subject at a time, while on the fifth day - the so-called school day - you will be taught the basic subjects such as German, mathematics and English.

In the second year of your training, you will complete a three-month internship in a company, where you will consolidate and deepen the knowledge you have acquired.

At the end, you will take the state examination for the advanced technical college entrance qualification in the basic subjects and in the main subjects of information technology and telecommunications systems as well as business management processes.

Is the profession right for you?

The basic requirement for training as an electro-technical assistant is that you enjoy working with computers and electronics without being afraid of small systems. In addition to some manual dexterity, you have the ability to think logically and make systematic connections. You are good with numbers and are also interested in economic and financial aspects. Ideally, you also have a certain organisational talent.


With this training, you can work in companies in the electrical industry, for example:

  • Manufacturers of telecommunication technology devices and equipment or electronic components
  • Companies in the vehicle or machine and plant construction industry
  • In systems and software companies
  • In engineering offices for technical planning

But you will also be welcome as a system administrator in any other company with its own IT department.

During the three-year training course you also have the opportunity to acquire various manufacturer certificates. This will help you stand out from potential competitors and improve your career opportunities.

With the additional acquisition of the advanced technical college entrance qualification, you are fit for a postgraduate course of study at a university of applied sciences and thus lay the foundation for a successful professional career.

Next steps

We would like to get to know you and would be happy if you simply registered for one of our information events.

Here we will introduce you to your desired profession or suitable alternatives and explain the training process at GPB College. We will also discuss the possibilities of financial support for your studies.

You are welcome to send us your application documents in advance, consisting of a short cover letter, a curriculum vitae in table form and your most recent school report.

Once all the basic conditions have been clarified, you can start at the earliest possible date. Any questions? Click here for the answers!

And when does it start?

Almost done... just quickly change the language: The instruction language of this course is German, therefore you will find all start dates and course contents only in the German version of the website

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