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Integrated Vocational Training Preparation (IBA)

From the school year 2019/2020 we offer the Integrated Vocational Preparation Course (IBA). IBA thus replaces the one-year commercial vocational school and the vocational training course.

Pupils are prepared for entry into vocational training or employment. In addition, within one school year, there is the opportunity to acquire the vocational training maturity (BBR), the extended vocational training maturity (eBBR) or the intermediate school leaving certificate (MSA) within the framework of the IBA. In this way you improve the prerequisites for taking up vocational training or employment.

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What do I need the IBA for?

There are many reasons that speak in favour of obtaining a school leaving certificate. With a school-leaving certificate you increase your chances on the training or job market and improve your income possibilities.

Within one year, you will be optimally prepared for vocational training or an employment relationship in various occupational fields.

Through company internships, you qualify for a direct transition to dual training and take another important step into your professional life.

What are the requirements for the IBA?

In order to be able to do integrated vocational training preparation (IBA) with us, the following entry requirements must be met:

  • General compulsory schooling must be fulfilled (10 years)
  • No completed vocational training

Which degrees can I achieve?

The aim of Integrated Vocational Training Preparation is to prepare students for vocational training in the chosen occupational field by imparting theoretical and practical knowledge.

In addition, you have the opportunity to acquire the vocational training maturity certificate (BBR), the extended vocational training maturity certificate (eBBR) or the intermediate school leaving certificate (MSA).

What is the content of the IBA training?

During the one-year training we would like to prepare you specifically for a career in the chosen field. In addition to the general subjects, you will receive theoretical and practical instruction in learning fields. The general subjects are taught in two levels (levels E and G).

The cross-occupational field instruction includes the following learning subjects:

  • German
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Economics and social studies
  • Sport/ health promotion

Occupation-related teaching comprises the following learning subjects (depending on the learning field):

  • Accounting
  • Word Processing/ Commercial Correspondence
  • Information processing
  • Business practice
  • Basics of electrical engineering
  • Basics EDP

The theoretical knowledge is applied, deepened and expanded in various phases of the internship.

How do I acquire IBA?

The integrated preparation for vocational training concludes for the pupils admitted to the MSA examination with centrally prepared written examinations by the State of Berlin. The examinations are written in German, English and mathematics.

The fourth examination component is a presentation examination. It can only be taken in the business-related subjects of business practice/data processing, accounting or economics. Students are also given an oral examination in English (examination of speaking ability).

Another necessary condition for the successful completion of the IBA are two successfully completed internships.

Next steps

We would like to get to know you. Just register for one of our information events or arrange a personal consultation. Here we will present to you the job description of the profession Commercial Assistant or suitable alternatives and explain the course of the training at GPB College. Furthermore, we will discuss with you the possibilities for the financial support of your education.

You are welcome to send us your application documents in advance, consisting of a short cover letter, a curriculum vitae in tabular form and your most recent certificate, you can simply bring these to your consultation or inform yourself initially with no commitment. The minimum requirements for a traineeship as Commercial Assistant is a Secondary School Certificate (MSA).

Once all the conditions have been met, you can start with us as soon as possible. Any questions? Here are the answers!

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