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Holiday courses at GPB College

Are holidays for relaxing? Of course, even for us at the GPB College. But you can use part of your holidays effectively for your career. With the additional holiday courses, you can catch up on what you missed, close gaps in your knowledge, or obtain certificates to get a head start on the job market.

1. Crash Course in German as a Foreign Language/Second Language

German is the exam language at the IHK and other state examinations. Text comprehension and language accuracy are the basic skills in all training courses. For those who have gaps in their German skills, a remedial course during the holidays can be very useful.

2. Supplementary tuition

Supplementary lessons are available in all subjects, depending on your needs.  The purpose of these additional lessons is to help make you fit, despite the gaps in your knowledge, so that the training course is fun again.  Of course additionally, we also offer special exam training during the holidays, with focussed topics that will get you ready for the final exam.

3. Qualifications

You can acquire a wide range of qualifications during your holidays. These range from computer courses, writing courses and MS-Office training to various IT certificates, business certificates and language certificates.

4. Workshops

You can also take part in job application training and look for a work placement with our support during the holidays. In addition, you can take part in workshops on various topics or have a great time on school excursions and trips.