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Job coaching and career support

Internships are an integral part of our traineeships that last for a number of years. Depending on the chosen traineeship as a student at GPB College, during three to ten months you will have an opportunity to transfer school based theoretical knowledge into practice and gain important occupational experience.   

Finding an internship is generally based on comprehensive and professional research. It is required to find your way through newspapers and the internet, to foster and maintain networks and to provide online portals with your own data. 

Our JobCoach, who also looks after you during the internship, will support you when looking for an internship. The JobCoach supports students before the start of the internship, also online, provides ideas and advice on steps of the application process, as well as mediating internships. During the internship, the JobCoach supports by visiting the company providing the internship and usually once a month on a school day. He or she assists with the reality of work life and addresses specific issues together with subject teachers, for instance in the area of commercial correspondence, communication, team work, conflict and conflict resolution.  

In preparation of the internship and your later job applications, we offer a personalised online career assistant. Our partner organisation GPB mbH developed the career assistant as a coaching tool in the form of an online moodle course that can assist you in a targeted way on your path towards successful job hunting. As part of this and together with your JobCoach and class teacher you will define your personal goals, support your strengths and work on your weaknesses. By accessing the online career assistant you are able to utilise a professional, web-based application, job agency and communication platform.

Of course our JobCoach and our close partners at GPB mbH will also be available to you after your successful completion of your traineeship to support you on your way towards the beginning of your professional career.