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Moodle Learning Platform

Moodle is a learning and knowledge platform that supports and accompanies you throughout your studies at GPB College. You can use it to not only study and keep up to date, but also to communicate with your fellow students, lecturers and the administration - regardless of time and place.

Why is the Moodle learning platform an important part of our course?

  • You study just as professionally as you would at a well-equipped university.
  • You have access to most of the study content at any time.
  • You don't have to lug around books, but have them with you digitally at all times.
  • You have no disadvantages if you are sick for a longer period of time  and miss out in an important subject.
  • You can combine self-study units and face-to-face teaching (blended learning).
  • You have a communication platform between classmates, subject teachers and the administration staff at all times.
  • You can view the current grades of all your subjects at any time.
  • You can book your follow-up exams quickly and conveniently and receive immediate confirmation.

The Moodle learning platform offers all this. It is used widely in the most important high-quality training programmes in Germany. It requires excellent integration of a network infrastructure. A dedicated IT department makes sure that everything runs smoothly. If not, there is an electronic helpdesk where you can communicate with the technicians directly.

With over 400 PCs in our classrooms and a projector under every classroom ceiling it is guaranteed that teaching is always as digital as possible and that a lot of your study content, including the Moodle learning platform, can also be better presented on large screen.

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