A different kind of school

Teachers and students find creative ways to teach online

After our doors at GPB College were "closed" and the classrooms remained empty, we had to ensure that our students could have lessons.

So, two weeks before the Easter holidays, we switched our lessons to the virtual classrooms at the home writing, dining or couch table.

Our teachers continued their work in partly creative and innovative ways. They provided their students with school tasks, learning and teaching materials. This year's graduating classes received not only learning material but also additional preparation for their exams, so that we can prepare them in the best possible way for upcoming final exams. Our well-known learning platform moodle and a specially created communication platform, in which communication between students and teachers could also take place, proved to be a great relief for online teaching.

In the next few weeks we will see how the lessons will continue after the holidays. But until  we will enjoy our holidays. Stay healthy and lively!