End of school year

in airy heights in the climbing forest Grünheide

Also this year, the GPB College spent an eventful and active day at the end of the school year with a cheerful climbing in the trees in the climbing forest in Grünheide.

After a short safety briefing, the students climbed diligently in 5 different courses - up to 18 meters high.

In the best climbing weather, everyone was able to demonstrate their skills in the areas of balance, strength, dexterity and, above all, courage. And even the newcomers among the climbers enjoyed this kind of challenge.

At the same time, colleagues took the moment to say a fitting farewell to those who are leaving GPB College at the end of the school year.

"Saying goodbye doesn't have to be sad. Be grateful for your time together and hope to see you again."

On that note, THANK YOU for the wonderful time together and the great working relationship.
We wish all the best on the further path of life.