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Learning languages at GPB College

In a globalised world genuine understanding for other countries and intercultural competencies are valuable characteristics acquired when learning a foreign language and increases your opportunities on the job market.

Language skills are more important today than ever before and will become even more important in the course of increasing globalization.

The mastery of foreign languages is therefore often a condition or a selection criterion for a job. A large number of companies already have subsidiaries, branch offices, cooperations or customers abroad. For business trips, telephone calls and meetings, employees must then have excellent foreign language skills. In addition, this gives them the chance to work abroad.

Foreign languages are like Berlin: international, diverse, modern, exciting, fascinating, lively, surprising, exciting, never perfect, unique, creative, with many cultures and customs, attractive, never boring and sometimes crazy ...but simply beautiful!

For this reason GPB College offers traditional foreign languages like English, French and Spanish, but also modern and exotic foreign languages like Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

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