Flower art at GPB College

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Ikebana 生花 (Ka-DO, the flower way) is a Japanese art to arrange flowers and branches and apart from calligraphy and tea ceremony represents an important part of Japanese culture and art.

The foreign language career students, students training as Commercial Assistants with foreign languages, Foreign Language Correspondents and Europe Correspondents were able to familiarise themselves with the world of the Ikebana guided by an expert in flower art Ms Kitagawa and their Japanese teacher Ms Fujitsuka and created their own Japanese flower arrangements. Ikebana is concerned with emphasising the natural beauty of flowers with creativity and to express respect to life.

During our foreign language training you also learn about the culture, social standards and the economy of the respective country apart from the language. If you are interested in a foreign language career with Japanese, then simply get in touch with us by phone or email.

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