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Final examinations

At GPB College you can sit state recognised exams and Chamber of Commerce exams. Both examinations have similar curricula and are therefore essentially treated the same.

State exams

State exams are conducted by the state department for eduaction, science and research (Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung) at our premises. There are oral, written and practical exams depending on the traineeship or the school certificate. 

Responsibilities of the state department for eduaction, science and research include:

  • Recognition of GPB College
  • Monitoring and implementation of traineeships
  • Quality control of traineeships
  • Interface of the board of examiners between GPB College and the trainees

Chamber of Commerce qualification

The Chamber of Commerce exams are carried out by the Chamber of Commerce Berlin and conducted in Berlin however not at our premises. The Chamber of Commerce Berlin determines the dates as well as exam location.

Responsibilities of the Chamber of Commerce Berlin include:

  • Assessment of the personal and professional suitability of GPB College and its staff
  • Design and implementation of exams
  • Quality control of traineeships

Chamber of Commerce exam and Secondary School Certificate

Students at a vocational training college who have passed their basic school certificate (erweiterter Hauptschulabschluss) have the possibility to be recognised for a Secondary School Certificate after successful completion of their Chamber of Commerce trainineeship. 

Prerequisites are:

  • basic school certificate with a minimum grade 4 in English 
  • completed traineeship at a public vocational training college or a state approved vocational training college with an average grade of 3.0 not counting physical education
  • Chamber of Commerce certificate

The recognition process is conducted at the premises of the state department for education, science and research. You are prequired to present the above listed requirements and all documents as originals.