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Trip to Japan 2024

Two weeks in Tokyo and a new adventure every minute. From an exciting visit to Mitsubishi Fuso to informative insights into Japanese (working) culture, an unforgettable Japanese crash course with snow and incredibly nice people. Join us on our journey and find out how we immerse ourselves in the secrets of Tokyo and push our own boundaries in the process.

Ski trip to Lienz 2024

With just under 12,000 inhabitants, Lienz is the seventh largest town in Tyrol and its history dates back to 2000 BC. It is a good 800 kilometers away from the local classroom and our hotspot when it comes to spending sports lessons in the finest powder snow.

Orientation trip to Ahlbeck 2023

What could be better than starting the training programme with an orientation class trip? As newbies, we were taken to the Baltic Sea. We a few visits to the beach with sports games, delicious barbecue and marshmallows over a campfire and after a not- so -boring cultural programme, we have become a real team. Now we can get started.

Ski trip to Lienz 2023

After a two-year enforced break, it was finally time for us to have fun in the snow again. Whether on snowboard or on skis, everyone made it down the mountain healthy and happy, and now we are already looking forward to the next time.

Experience Europe

The pupils of the GPB College were able to experience how European politics is shaped in the 360° cinema of the interactive exhibition EXPERIENCE EUROPE.  As part of a simulation game, they slipped directly into the role of MEPs and discussed current EU issues.


Grünheide Climbing Forest 2022

We went high up again this year. A day before the reports were issued, we could do like Tarzan and swing from tree to tree.


Sports Camp in Verchen 2022

Our new students were able to get to know each other better away from the daily school routine and grow together as a class while camping at the beautiful Kummerow Lake.

Ikebana - the Japanese art of flower arranging

Our foreign language students had the opportunity to get to know the colorful world of Ikebana. Under the guidance of an expert, everyone was allowed to create their own artistic flower arrangement.

China AG Tea Ceremony

Our China-AG visited a traditional tea ceremony in the Gardens of the World. They enjoyed an oolong tea accompanied by the musical instrument "古琴 gǔqín" with relish.

Summer sports camp at Lake Werbellin 2021

The training period started out stress-free with many community-building activities far away from Berlin at the beautiful Werbellin Lake.

Grünheide Climbing Forest 2021

We all went to the climbing forest in Grünheide on the last day of school before the reports. The weather was perfect for climbing and we spent a great day at lofty heights.

Summer sports camp in Ahlbeck 2021

Our new foreign language classes spent eventful days with a fresh sea breeze at the Baltic Sea. The aim was to get to know each other better and to gather strength, energy and motivation for their course.

Climbing forest Grünheide 2020

In bright sunshine, our students climbed 5 different courses at a height of 18 meters. After the climbing, a jump into the Werlsee refreshed us.

Winter fun in Lienz 2020

This year we were again in the winter sports camp in Lienz with our students. We spent an eventful and exhausting week on the slopes.

Exkursion French Center Berlin 2019

Our students from the foreign language classes were on an excursion last week. They visited the Centre Français de Berlin and recorded some impressions for us.

Getting to know Werbellinsee 2019

One week later, the rest of the new classes were on their first trip. Together they spent sporty days at the Werbellinsee and were able to consolidate their team spirit.

Getting to know Ahlbeck 2019

Traditionally, our new foreign language classes went to Ahlbeck for a week to get to know each other better. In the luggage: Curiosity and excitement.

Climbing forest Grünheide 2019

Two days before the long-awaited summer holidays, our students and teachers had a really sporty time. According to the motto "On the trees, ready to go" we spent an active climbing day.

Class trip to Edinburgh 2019

Shortly before the certificates our students (KAFS 18 and 17) made their way to Edinburgh. They enjoyed exciting and unforgettable days.

Winter adventure in Lienz 2019

This year our students went to the winter sports camp in Lienz. One week skis and snowboards could be swapped for school books.

Japan trip 2019

Some of our prospective foreign language correspondents are on a big adventure trip in Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan.