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Getting to know Werbellinsee 2021

Far away from Berlin at the beautiful Werbellinsee, the training period started stress-free with many community-building activities.

Climbing Forest Grünheide 2021

On the last day of school before the report cards, we all went to the climbing forest in Grünheide. In the best climbing weather, we spent a great day in lofty heights.

Climbing forest Grünheide 2020

In bright sunshine, our students climbed 5 different courses at a height of 18 meters. After the climbing, a jump into the Werlsee refreshed us.

Winter fun in Lienz 2020

This year we were again in the winter sports camp in Lienz with our students. We spent an eventful and exhausting week on the slopes.

Exkursion French Center Berlin 2019

Our students from the foreign language classes were on an excursion last week. They visited the Centre Français de Berlin and recorded some impressions for us.

Getting to know Werbellinsee 2019

One week later, the rest of the new classes were on their first trip. Together they spent sporty days at the Werbellinsee and were able to consolidate their team spirit.

Getting to know Ahlbeck 2019

Traditionally, our new foreign language classes went to Ahlbeck for a week to get to know each other better. In the luggage: Curiosity and excitement.

Climbing forest Grünheide 2019

Two days before the long-awaited summer holidays, our students and teachers had a really sporty time. According to the motto "On the trees, ready to go" we spent an active climbing day.

Class trip to Edinburgh 2019

Shortly before the certificates our students (KAFS 18 and 17) made their way to Edinburgh. They enjoyed exciting and unforgettable days.

Winter adventure in Lienz 2019

This year our students went to the winter sports camp in Lienz. One week skis and snowboards could be swapped for school books.

Japan trip 2019

Some of our prospective foreign language correspondents are on a big adventure trip in Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan.

Study trip Israel 2018

College teachers Mr Leideritz and Mr Hildebrandt were on a study trip to Israel in November.

Skiing holiday 2018

In February 2018 pupils from GPB College had a lot of fun skiing and snowboarding again. This time in the ski area Zettersfeld.

Japan trip 2018

Insights into the culture and language journey of our future Foreign Language Correspondents to Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan.

GPB in space

Theater excursion to Cottbus 2017

On November 29, 2017, our FOS 17 made a trip to Cottbus to watch Lessing's "Emilia Galotti" in the theater.