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Open day 2020

Today our open day should take place, but since you cannot visit us at the moment, we will simply come to you digitally and introduce ourselves. What do you have to do? Just click through the pictures. We wish you a lot of fun and are looking forward to welcoming you personally at GPB College.

Festival of Asian Languages 2019

On 07.12.2019 all Asia fans had the opportunity to get to know us better and could participate in exciting workshops.

Open Day 2019

This year's open day was on 19.01.2019. In an comprehensive programme, visitors were able to gain their first experience in the various specialist areas and find out about the training opportunities we offer.

Open Day 2018

On 20.01.2018 the open day took place again at GPB College. Many visitors were able to inform themselves about our range of training courses and school-leaving qualifications and took part in some workshops.

Open Day 2017

On 14.1.2017 we opened our doors again. With workshops, lectures and games, which were prepared by our students together with the lecturers, we gave our guests an authentic insight into the lessons at GPB College.

Japan Day 2017

On Saturday, 2 December 2017, Japan Day took place in our rooms for all those interested in Japan.

Open Day 2016

On January 16, GPB College opened its door. Future students, prospects and parents had the opportunity to discover many activities and get in touch with students, lecturers and staff. Events such as "fit at work", study classes with SAP, modern learning with Moodle and political satirical theater were the order of the day. In addition, those interested could taste Spanish culinary specialties and conquer the world of Japanese calligraphy.
It was a nice and successful day for everyone.