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Language certificates

When  you are learning a foreign language, it makes perfect sense to obtain additional internationally recognised certificates in English (LCCI, TOEFL), French (DELF, DALF), Spanish (DELE), Japanes (JLPT), Korean (TOPiK) and Chinese (HSK). Many companies consider it a plus if applicants can present additional qualifications. Unlike degree titles and grades, the same standards apply here worldwide.

You can also obtain the Certificate of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany (KMK), a uniformly regulated certificate as proof of job-related foreign language skills, during your training.

We offer courses in small learning groups to help you prepare for the certificate examination. Parts of the certificate exams are also part of the material for the internal final exams, so you can use the knowledge you have acquired twice. Of course, we are there to support you in preparing for your exams in the best possible way.

Overview of foreign language certificates


    DELF and DALF enable you to officially evidence your French language skills. The certificate is internationally recognised.

  • DELE

    The DELE diploma is considered an official certificate to evidence Spanish language skills. The certificate is internationally recognised.

  • KMK

    The KMK foreign language certificate is internationally recognised as evidence of your job relevant foreign language skills.

  • HSK

    HSK is an internationally recognised Chinese certificate evidencing the level of language skills in Chinese.

  • JLPT

    The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is a standardised test to evidence Japanese language skills.


    The LCCI and TOEFL certificates evidence your profound English language skills. Both certificates are internationally highly regarded.

  • TOPiK

    TOPiK is the official and internationally recognised language certificate of Korean. It is used as evidence of your language skills.