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Practice-oriented vocational education

What is it that distinguishes  very good vocational education today?

Those who can use their acquired knowledge immediately increase their chances of advancement drastically. That's why you use Excel or Word to solve exam tasks, for the application-oriented part, even during your training.

During your training, you will learn how to work with Word and Excel for IT professionals, the accounting software Lexware (Financial Office Professional) for bookkeeping, and SAP for order processing in business administration. You will develop case studies and learn subject matter using business games. Business English is also on the curriculum, as it is regarded as a decisive recruitment criterion in many professions. The practical use of software makes you an interesting candidate, because the time required for your individual familiarization with the work is reduced. 

Communication techniques and social learning in groups are not only practised in class, but also through school trips in summer and winter, sports festivals, "getting to know each other summer camps" and project weeks!