Learn Chinese together with us in our China AG starting in May

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The growing global economic, cultural, political importance of China leads more and more people to an ever-increasing interest. By learning the language, it becomes possible to access Chinese culture. The learned familiarity with the Chinese language, society and culture can later be the key to professional activities in the context of the historically grown cultural, economic and political relations with China.

So what is there to wait for?! Join us in May to learn Chinese in our China AG.

  • China AG-1 (WITHOUT previous knowledge): Tuesdays online from 15.15 h - 16.45 h
  • China AG-2 (previous knowledge at least HSK1): Fridays online from 15.15 h - 16.45 h

If you are interested, please register by mail until Friday, 30.04.2021 with name, class, AG-1 or AG-2.