Gaining useful experience together

and get to know the dream job in a very practical way

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An internship can serve both as a professional orientation and as a very practical way to get to know your dream job. That is why the internship is an integral part of our multi-year training programs at GPB College. It gives our students the opportunity to gain their first professional experience and to make contacts. They can discover their own strengths and weaknesses and get to know what it is like to work in a professional environment.

Especially for our students from the foreign language classes, an internship abroad is therefore often very interesting. Here, additional alternatives arise to open up a new professional perspective, to get to know a foreign culture in addition to the lessons and, above all, to immensely expand their language skills.

This year, for example, students from the KAFS class went to Busan in Korea for their internship. They worked in the hostel and gained valuable experience. They also spent an eventful day together.

The Korean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce organized a roundtable discussion for trainees with Mercedes Benz in South Korea. The trainees from Germany were also allowed to participate. They visited the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and were able to exchange ideas with Korean trainees online. In the afternoon they went to a branch of Mercedes-Benz, where they had a discussion session with the vice president Hernn Najeong, the teacher Mr. Minsu and two apprentices.

It was an exciting experience and an interesting exchange for all participants. At the end, the trainees were also able to identify commonalities and give each other valuable tips on the way.

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