Graduation ceremony

Finally done - We congratulate everyone on their successful graduation!

The training period / study period is an important, eventful and formative period of life, which will certainly not be forgotten so quickly. To ensure that this period of life is brought to a dignified conclusion, the GPB College invites its graduates to a central graduation ceremony every year.

But for a long time it had not been clear whether there could be a graduation ceremony with the family at all. But thanks to decreasing numbers, now all could be solemnly said goodbye on 23.06.2021. And in fact in presence and not in the form of a video conference, as the lessons had looked so often in the last year.

In the context of the ceremonial act the deputy principal S. Hartmann led through the afternoon. In his ceremonial speech, principal J. Fleischer advised the graduating classes to take advantage of the "idle time - due to the pandemic" in a professional way and to start their careers directly.
Of course, the class leaders also used the opportunity to review the last years of GPB College.

After the graduates finally held their certificates in their hands, they toasted to their achievements with a glass of champagne.

We wish all graduates all the best for their future professional and private lives!

You can find a glimpse of the farewell ceremony in our picture gallery.

Would you also like to complete an apprenticeship or graduate from GPB College? Then write us an email and we will start again in August 2021.