KMK exam at the college

We'll keep our fingers crossed.

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Every year in spring the KMK English exam takes place at GPB College. The pupils have the possibility of acquiring a European-wide recognized certificate during their training.

A large advantage of this examination is the vocational adjustment. In accordance with the foreign-language requirements of an occupational group examination tasks for a written and an oral part are provided. Thus, the examinations are specifically tailored to specialisations, occupational fields or training occupations.

The written part examines the areas of reception (listening and reading comprehension), production (writing documents) and mediation (teaching texts from one language to another). In the oral part, the interaction (conducting conversations) is evaluated.

The GPB College offers the exams at three different levels. Depending on the level, the exams last between 60 and 120 minutes. The exam is considered passed if at least 50% of the maximum score has been achieved in both the written and oral parts.

After successfully passing the examination, the students have taken an important step in their professional career and can provide significant proof of their additional qualification and increase their chances.

We wish all this year's students all the best!