Make MINT Girl!

Why girls in particular benefit from technical professions.

Girls and technology

Did you know that the number of female technicians and engineers is just 12 percent on average? The annual Girls' Day is taking place again this week - a good time to remember why this world is just right for girls:

  1. Through your work in MINT professions, you can be involved in the development of environmentally friendly technologies or innovative solutions for regional and global challenges and in doing so have a positive impact on the world.
  2. Many technical professions offer you very attractive earning opportunities, as salaries are often above average due to the high demand for specialists in these fields.
  3. In the past, MINT professions were mostly dominated by men. (That's actually old hat, isn't it?) By participating in a technical apprenticeship, you can help to further break down gender stereotypes. Your perspective and skills are valuable and can make a significant contribution.
  4. A MINT qualification not only enables you to grow professionally, but also promotes your personal development. You will develop important skills such as critical and analytical thinking and team spirit, which will benefit you in all areas of life.
  5. The MINT fields offer you almost limitless job and career opportunities in various industries above all. At GBP College, you can join anything from automation technology and media technology courses to renewable energies or commercial IT. So if you are interested in mathematics, media, physics and/or IT, there is sure to be a programme with us that suits your interests.

Do you want to solve problems, help shape the future and get involved in the tech industry? Dare to break new ground and discover your potential - the world is waiting for your brilliance and we will guide you to success.