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What does painting actually have to do with Daoism?

Chinese lessons with ink painting
Chinese lessons with ink painting

Since the two are inextricably linked, learning languages also means getting to know culture.

We also want to experience culture in the classroom, which is why our foreign language faculty regularly organises additional courses and excursions.

The new year kicked off with Ms Wang [王 兰] teaching our Chinese and Korean classes (FSK22B and KAFS22B).

With traditional ink painting, which looks back on more than five thousand years of Chinese cultural history, the language students not only learn about the filigree handling of brush and ink, but also the philosophy and way of thinking behind one of the most valuable world cultures.

The ink painting course takes place several times a semester and is financed by a grant from the Chinese Cultural Association, which we are very grateful for.

If you would like to know more about our language philosophy, the teaching and the educational pathways, we are always happy to help.

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