Off to "Holy Land"

On the way to Israel - small country with great treasures.

Israel and Palestine – a region the whole world talks about. But how about the people living there? How do they get along, how do they live, which are their views on the conflicts in the region?

Our teachers for politics (Ronny Leideritz) and translation/interpretation (Thomas Hildebrandt) made their way to the “Holy Land” and took part in a one-week journey. They saw the Holy sites of three world religions, but also had ample opportunity to learn more about the points of view the different social groups living there have.

With Jerusalem, The Dead Sea, Galilee, the Golan Heights, Tsafed, Haifa and Tel Aviv being stations on that journey, the most interesting parts of the program consisted of talks to and discussions with politicians, journalists, but also representatives of religions and civil society, both from Israel and Palestine.