Sports field instead of classroom

When the school is set for movement.

In good sports weather our traditional sports festival took place on Thursday in the stadium Buschallee.

Unlike in previous years, this time our students did not wander from station to station. In the run-up to the event, the students chose one of their paradise disciplines. Divided into small competition groups, they were able to compete against each other at the station and measure their best performance under competition conditions.

Some of them ran diligently around the competition, others jumped into the long jump pit or threw the ball far beyond the artificial turf.

The following disciplines were available for selection:

  • Strength: medicine ball throwing and ball-putting
  • Speed: 100m run
  • Coordination: Long jump and long distance throw

We would like to thank all participants, our active helpers and of course our teachers for the trouble-free running of the organized sports festival - in compliance with the hygiene regulations.

A big thank you to our two organizers, who organize this sporting highlight every year at the beginning of the school year.

The day on the sports field was a great change from daily school life for everyone. Compliments to all students for the performances they demonstrated away from the classroom.

Impressions of the sports day can be found in our picture gallery.