Study Asian languages for a vocational baccalaureate

3 reasons why you should do study to be a foreign language assistant.

3 reasons why you should do study to be a foreign language assistant.

Have you just completed your MSA, do you like languages and are still wondering whether you should do your A-levels or join a training programme? Then we have a little decision-making aid for you:

1. Start your international career.

In addition to the classic world languages of English, French and Spanish, you can also study Chinese, Japanese and even Korean with us, which will bring you enormous advantages.  This can open doors to many companies with international connections in Asia (and also companies with European, Latin and North American partners, of course) when you graduate.

2. Gain two qualifications at the same time.

As an adminitrative assistant, you complete a fully recognised vocational training course in just two years and can then go straight on to gain a vocational Baccalaureate. This gives you two qualifications in the same time that you would need for the Abitur, which you can use to enter university or go straight into a career.

3. Start your training earlier.

You don't have to wait until next autumn, which is still an eternity away, but can start your training as a state-certified administrative assistant for foreign languages on 12 February 2024.

If you need more reasons or want to find out more about the profession, our training programme and our school, then get in touch with our advisory team - it's worth asking.

We at GPB-College look forward to hearing from you.