Summer Sports Camp 2020

We are the team

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In order to support the new classes at GPB College on their way to a strong class team, traditionally at the beginning of the school year there are introductory trips.

Play, fun & action in Ahlbeck

Yeah End of August it was finally time again! After interesting first weeks in our school, it was time for our new foreign language classes: Let's go on the first class trip!

Finally, we were able to exchange pens and pads for suitcases and free time. Together with their class teachers they started with the coach to the Baltic Sea.

A varied program of team-building and sports activities, bicycle tours, walks on the wide sandy beach and much more awaited our travelers.

Adventure at Werbellinsee

Also with the goal of getting to know each other better outside the classrooms after the first weeks of school, the other new classes finally started their journey together on Sunday. For them they took the train in the direction of the leisure and adventure facility at Werbellinsee

A varied "get-to-know-you program" was also waiting for them, with different sporting activities such as soccer, forest runs or beach volleyball, but also shared experiences such as a moorland hike, self-defense courses or a barbecue around a campfire.

The days flew by for all participants and so the first ones are already sitting diligently in their classrooms again.

Those trips welded not only together, but also brought a lot of happiness to everyone. Strengthened in this way, everyday school life can now continue next week.