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Training programme was a door opener

I’m still benefiting from my decision today.

I started in 2016 and in 2019, I completed my traineeship here as a technical assistant for electronics and data technology. This course and the associated entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences subsequently opened the doors for me to pursue a dual degree in business informatics. I was able to benefit from the extensive theoretical and practical knowledge that I acquired during my training period.

The GPB College team was very committed and guided my group through the challenging years with a lot of pedagogical sensitivity. Although this was almost four years ago, we still meet up with our old class teacher at least once a year and we can take part in extraordinary activities such as the annual ski and snowboard trip as graduates.

In summary, I can say that GPB College was the right choice for me as an educational institution. I would like, in particular, to emphasise that you notice that the teachers not only practise their profession but they live it. I will continue to stay connected to the GPB College.

Fabian Jünemann, Graduation 2019, Technical Assistant for Electronics and Data Technology