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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

For some decisions we need a little more information. When it comes to your future, no questions should remain unanswered. Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about our training courses and school qualifications.

Before you start your training at GPB College

How can I apply for a course at GPB College?

You can apply by email or posted mail. We require your application letter, C.V. and the last report card of your most recent school education. After receipt of these documents, you will be invited to an information meeting where you will receive all further information.

What can I expect at an information meeting?

At the information meeting, we will introduce the school to you, everything to do with the traineeship and future job prospects. We are happy to advise you on various possible pathways to reach your career goal. In addition, we will explain admission requirements, funding options and clarify any questions you may have.

Where will I get further information?

You can contact us at any time on 030 – 3904810 or send us an email to info@gpb-college.de. Many questions can be answered at a personal meeting, you may also contact us about one of our weekly information sessions or arrange an appointment for individual advice.

Are the traineeships at GPB College state recognised?

Yes, all traineeships are state recognised. GPB College is listed as a substitute school on the school register of the Berlin Senat website, the registered school number is 01P39.

What does the term ‘Assistant’ mean?

During the 1980s, so called ‘assistant’ jobs were developed in the areas of technology, administration and medicine. These are accessible to students with a year 10 secondary school certificate (German MSA) or higher. State recognised traineeships are adapted to workforce requirements in a flexible manner, they are carried out in units of study across disciplines and are closely orientated towards professional activity.

How do school-based traineeships differ from dual training in a company?

School-based traineeships do not differ with respect to the final exam. All students will have to sit the same, at times even at the same time, final exams. As part of the school-based traineeship, all training and examination regulations are fully implemented, trainees are able to determine foci and specialisation in line with their preferences. As part of a dual traineeship in a company, it is common that the needs of the traineeship providing company take priority. With school-based training, you have the additional opportunity to attain a higher-level school certificate apart from the training certificate; this is particularly the case for double-qualifying traineeships.

What options are there to assist with funding?

To fund the traineeship, a number of options are available depending on your personal circumstances; these include training support payments (German BAföG), family allowance (German Kindergeld), as well as student loans (German Bildungskredit). We are happy to advise you on your individual options to fund your traineeship.

Is it possible to list school fees as tax deductions?

School fees up to €5.000 are tax deductible annually.

How can I find out how much BAföG I would get?

In general, the amount of student BAföG depends on personal circumstances. For an initial indication, the BAföG online calculator can be used to assess eligibility and to provide an estimated payment amount. We are happy to support you as part of the application process.

What is the notice period in case of ending a traineeship early?

You have the right to cancel the traineeship at no cost as part of your contractually agreed six-week cancelation period prior to traineeship commencement. Post commencement, the contract can be cancelled six weeks prior to the end of each school semester, i.e. half-yearly.

What does a traineeship cost?

Private schools are required to fund part of their expenses via school fees. The amount of school fees depends on the traineeship. School fees can be paid monthly and range from €175 to €195 per month. School fee reductions such as siblings discount are available on request.

During the traineeship

How is the training structured at GPB College?

The training is divided into four parts, lessons, internship, exam preparation and final exam.

For traineeships with a Chamber of Commerce (IHK) final exam, the period of schooling is two years and two months plus a 10-month internship. While state recognised traineeships as assistants are made up of one year and nine months of schooling and a three months internship. The two-year training as Foreign Language Correspondent includes a one-month internship. The training as Europe Correspondent last one year.

Intensive exam preparation is facilitated by expert trainers who at times are members of the Chambers of Commerce’s examination committees.

What are the lesson periods?

Regular classes at GPB College are held Mondays to Fridays, between 8am and 3pm. After that supporting classes are offered, including language classes, German as additional language classes and tutoring across all other subjects. No further costs arise when participating in any of these.

Which language is the main language of instruction during the training?

German is generally the language of instruction. For non-native speakers, GPB College offers additional classes. Non-native German speakers are required to demonstrate German language skills at a level of C1.

Will there be physical education classes?

Yes, there will also be physical education classes, the subject is part of the training. There will be theory classes with a focus on health promotion, as well as project days, Equally, summer and winter camps are part of the education.

What are the class sizes?

Class sizes range from 12 to 24 participants.

Is there a probation period?

There is a probation period of six months for trainees. During this commencement period, we pay particular attention to your performance and attendance and if necessary, will aim to assist you.

Are there school holidays?

There is a total of twelve weeks of holidays per year. The holidays are aligned with regular school holiday periods in Berlin.

Do you offer holiday courses and additional support classes?

Yes, during school holidays you have the opportunity to participate in holiday courses, free of charge. Further, during regular school days, you can participate in supporting classes. This will allow you to repeat or consolidate already gained knowledge.

What is the technical equipment like?

With regards to technical equipment, we strive to offer you an appropriate work environment reflecting current developments. A high level of online supported lessons more often than not require individual computer work spaces, which are generally made available to you.

Where will I get my required books from?

At the beginning of the year, you will receive a book list enabling you to organise required books at an early stage.

How does the internship work?

When looking for an internship, we would initially prefer individual effort. You will receive support to this effect from your online career assistant. You will be able to identify your strengths and what type of company may suit you best. When choosing the right company, you ought to be sure you know your strengths and the type of company you wish to work for in the future.

Our JobCoaches are also happy to assist in preparation of your internship. During your internship, you will regularly be invited to attend coaching to discuss how the internship is progressing

Is the internship paid?

Whether you will receive a payment during your internship depends on the company that you will do the internship at. We will provide support for any contractual arrangements.

How will I be prepared for the final exam?

Preparation for your final exam starts with the first day of traineeship commencement. Via regular performance assessments, we will check that you are on track.

Just to be on the safe side, we will also intensively revise learning content immediately prior to the final exam. During this time, you will receive focussed preparation for the final examination.

Can I obtain further certificates?

During your training there are a number of additional certificates you can attain. These, depending on your choice, are available in the areas of IT and languages.

The KMK language certificates for instances are a prerequisite of your training as Office Management Assistant apart from successfully passing the final exam.

As part of the IT traineeships, opportunities exist to attain certificates for Linux, Microsoft, COMPTIA and CISCO skills.

Administration certificates such as the ECDL European Computer Licence or Microsoft Office Specialist, as well as the EBCL European economic licence are also on offer.

If you are studying a language course, you are able to attain additional internationally recognised certificates in languages including English (LCCI), French (DELF, DALF), Spanish (DELE), Japanese (JLPT), Korean (TOPiK) and Chinese (HSK).