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A traineeship with foreign languages in Berlin

"The most important thing - something with languages"

That is the answer you often get when you ask young people what they want to do later in life. The foreign language careers are considered to be careers with a future because with the increasing globalisation, companies are now operating internationally. The worldwide connectedness of companies means that the employees need to master foreign languages in order to communicate with the world.

The foreign language traineeships systematically build on each other and come with differing requirements. With a Secondary School Certificate (MSA) and good German skills, you can start with the traineeship Commercial Assistant with foreign languages. If you already have A-Levels (Abitur/Fachabitur) and sufficient English skills, you can start directly with the traineeship Foreign Languages Correspondent.

Additional further qualifications will allow you to become a Translator. The highest qualification among the foreign language careers is the qualification as an Interpreter.

The foreign language careers are independent of a specific sector, which means that you can have a career in various and diverse areas such as public administration, industry, banking, tourism, services, schools and universities. With your knowledge of foreign languages, you will be the face of the company and the connection between your company and its foreign business partners.

    The content of the traineeship and languages

    With a passion for foreign languages and at least a school leaving certificate (MSA), you already fulfill the basic requirements to begin a traineeship in a foreign language career. English is the first language that you will learn, because it is a must in today's business world. Classic foreign languages like French or Spanish, but also the modern foreign languages of the future such as Japanese, Korean and Chinese can be chosen as further languages. They make up around 50% of the subjects taught.

    The contents of the traineeships include learning foreign languages and the culture, as well as business correspondence, verbal business communication, translating and interpreting. Alongside the languages, you will acquire commercial knowledge. This includes the subjects secretarial studies, IT, word processing, social studies and business communication. At the end of your full-time school-based traineeship you will do a state certified exam.

    A traineeship instead of university studies

    The diverse traineeships with a focus on foreign languages are the perfect alternative to university studies: Our traineeships are practice-based, last a maximum of two years and include an internship. The traineeships are special due to the pairing of theoretical knowledge with practice, and language skills with commercial and secretarial knowledge.

    Our teachers are academically and pedagogically trained and in the foreign language lessons we use native speakers.

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