French lessons at the Galleries Lafayette

Cours de français à Lafayette

To escape the daily grind of tutorials and presentations for a change, the French class swapped the classroom for a day out in Paris instead and visited Galleries Lafayette for a café au lait.

Learning a language is much more effective (and more exciting) when we evoke emotions, through typical culture, experiences, people or music just to name a few examples. The resulting connection to the language is much more sustainable than just cramming vocabulary and grammar for an upcoming test or exam. Of course, it is not possible to do without theoretical learning times, which is why in addition to excursions to nice places your learning centre also plays an important role.

If you swap your desk now and then for a green quiet spot in the sun or a French (Spanish or Latin American, Korean, Japanese or Chinese) café, your brain will associate certain images with the learning material, which you will be able to recall better later. Do you find it hard to concentrate in busy places? Then put on some headphones and listen to some soft chansons. Try it out and you'll see how much more fun learning can be.

Our advisory team is happy to provide you with further tips and information on our foreign language courses at any time.