Save The Date

Saturday 11 March 2023 at 11h00

Open Doors Day 2023

Saturday 11 March 2023 at 11h00
Beuthstraße 8, Berlin-Mitte

We are once again opening our doors to all new students who want to complete their school-leaving certificate or are eager to find a good vocational school. We would be happy to welcome you and introduce you to the GPB College in person.

Our Motto? ‚Learning can also be fun‘

That's why we regularly supplement our lessons with practical activities and we would like present some of them to you.

The programme includes exciting workshops and taster courses which our trainees, students and their teachers have spent weeks preparing. These courses are an opportunity to try out a variety of subjects, which can help to develop your career thinking and explore different options.

You could for example: find out what Hanbok is, try your hand at Chinese ink painting or write your own Windows programme to take home.

We look forward to a relaxed chat with you where we will provide detailed information about our educational offers and training perspectives. Come along, it’s really worth it!