What does ARD actually mean?

And what role does the media play in our democracy?

Media teaching project

What role does the media play in our democracy?

We (i.e. the classes of administrative assistants for foreign languages and administrative assistants for wholesale and foreign trade management) explored this complex question as part of our "Media in democracy" series. Among other things, we looked at the position and function of public service media and the question of what opportunities they have to exert political influence as the so-called fourth estate.

We also took a close look at the theme of "fake news" and the media skills of each and every individual.

No research without searching for sources! A visit to one of the country's most important media centers, the ARD capital studio, was intended to give us an insight into the minds and technology behind the daily reporting and, incidentally, to answer an important question: "What does ARD actually mean?"

The answer is somewhat complicated: " Working Group of the Public Broadcasters of the Federal Republic of Germany ". But perhaps the title simply fits the seriousness that is required for the monitoring and open criticism of politics.

In any case, we had a great day with lots of interesting insights.

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