Winter Adventure Lienz 2019

As every year, the one-week ski camp is part of the GPB College program.

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From 17.02 - 23.02.2019 some students went on a winter adventure to Lienz. Already at the journey in the bus the mood was great and everybody was looking forward to the adventurous week.

Finally arrived in the snow-covered ski area at the Zettersfeld, the rooms in the Hotel "Sonne" were inspected before we went on our boards.

The beginners among us first learned the right technique with the ski and snowboard teacher. All the others were able to explore the various slopes under the guidance of experienced instructors. 

From day to day everyone felt safer and safer on the slopes and conquered the mountains in bright sunshine. The strength was gathered in the existing mountain huts.

A small highlight on Friday was the hotel's own Cup. The pupils as well as the supervisors could prove their skills in slalom. The slalom course was conquered under competition conditions. A feeling a bit like at the Olympic Games in front of the television, but this time somehow in the middle. Yes, that's exactly how it felt.

This week was a great change from the otherwise so stressful school life. Some of them will surely be there again next year.

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